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Reinforcement Mesh

Rebar, abbreviated from reinforcing bar, is also manufactured making use of steel alike Wire Mesh. These are rounded bars with seams that are usually in sizes 6mm to 10mm  thickness. Rebar makes use of more space in comparison to wire mesh as it is laid in larger square sections.

Lydon Steel Supplies:

Reinforcing fabric mesh available by the bale or individual sheet

A393 10mm mesh (20 sheets/bale)
A252 8mm mesh (30 sheets/bale)
A193 7mm mesh (40 Sheets/bale)
A142 6mm mesh (50 sheets/bale)

Special mesh available upon request 


Reinforcing Mesh

Fabric Reinforcing Mesh Sheet comes 4.8 Metres long by 2.4 Metres wide, coverage is 11.52 Meters Squared. We stock structural mesh fabric in 4 different grades.
Reinforcing mesh is manufactured from steel, in a range of thicknesses, and provides the ability to reinforce concrete slabs, ground beams and walls. Suitable for a diverse range of applications from 6mm light duty domestic applications e.g. patios and driveways, with a thickness of 100mm, approximately to 10mm heavier duty industrial concreting, generally with a thickness of at least 200mm.
This reliable and versatile reinforcing steel mesh once encased in concrete greatly increases its strength and rigidity as they both expand and contract at a comparable rate, therefore, temperature fluctuations will not cause cracking of the concrete. Similarly, as concrete is strong in compression and reinforced steel is very strong in tension it results in a highly durable grid-reinforced structure with the reassurance of being manufactured to BS 4483:2005.
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