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Stainless Steel Rebar Cut & Bent

Lydon Steel are CARES certified for the production and handling of stainless rebar, ensuring you get the highest quality products for your construction project.

Lydon Steel Supplies:

Cut and Bent Stainless Steel to order

Precision cut and bent stainless rebar: See Steel Shape Codes
10mm-40mm thickness up to a maximum of 16m.

Reinforcing Stainless Steel Coil

10mm-16mm thickness


Stainless Reinforcement  Cut & Bent

Stainless rebar is a specific type of steel bar used to reinforce concrete during construction. Lydon Steel only sources stainless rebar that is fully compliant with UK Cares Certification, which sets out the requirements for the dimensions, bending and cutting of stainless rebar for concrete.

All our stainless rebar is conforms to BS 4449, BS 4482 and BS 4483 and is cut and bent in accordance with BS 8666
All stainless rebar that we deliver to site is fully traceable to the cast/heat/batch number, reinforcement supplier and reinforcement manufacturer.

We source our stainless rebar from suppliers that hold a valid CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) Scheme Certificate of Approval for the manufacture and/or fabrication issued by CARES assuring you of the quality and safety of all our products.

Choosing Lydon Steel for your construction project means you get the benefits of CARES approved products mixed with the highest production standards and speedy turnaround of a well-established Irish Company.

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Download Our Documentation

Here you'll find downloadable documents for our CARES Certs, bending shape codes and product information

Rebar Shape Codes

Download BS 8666 compliant shape code list

CARES Quality Management Systems Certificate

Download our CARES Quality Management cert for 2024-2027

CARES Product Conformity Cert

Download our CARES product conformity cert for 2024

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